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Suffer from depression? Tired of taking medication or having severe side effects?

TMS might be the right treatment for you! 



Depression/Sleep Disorders

Do you often feel down, have no energy, sleep too much or not enough? Has your appetite or interest changed? Do you have thoughts of suicide? You might be dealing with depression. Depression can show up at any time in our lives but there is help for it. There is no need to continue to suffer.



Have you experienced a traumatic event that continues to haunt you? Do you feel like you can't control your mood? Do you have recurring dreams, difficulty concentrating, a fear of doing the things you used to love, or constantly worried it will happen again? Do you feel like you are in a constant state of anxiety? Getting help can change your world for the better.

Bipolar/Personality Disorders

Mood disorders are misunderstood. There are days that you feel like you are on top of the world followed by days of dark. Do you have a history of impulse control such as gamboling, spending money without care or making decisions that you regret later? Do you ever feel like you can't get control of your emotions? Do you have anger outburst or difficulty sleeping? Stabilizing your mood is the treatment goal.

ADHD/ADD/other psychiatric disorders

Can't stay on task? Can't seem to keep your thoughts straight? Do you have symptoms of inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity? ADHD and ADD start in childhood and continue in adulthood. There are many areas of mental health that aren't mentioned here that are just as important from eating disorders to personality disorder. Getting the right treatment is key to feeling better and more like yourself.


Voices, images and paranoia are part of what we call schizophrenia. Someone with schizophrenia can experience a variety of symptoms. Some symptoms may include hearing thoughts spoken aloud, feeling like external forces are putting thoughts into your head, the feeling people can read one's mind, the feeling like someone is touching you, and many more. Treatment can help reduce and eliminate those feelings.

Opiate Addiction

Suboxone is approved by the FDA to treat opiate addiction. Addiction can take over your life and completely  run you. If you are ready to stop the cycle, we can help. We offer suboxone maintenance or detox. When you are stable on suboxone your cravings seize and you will begin to feel more like yourself. Unlike methadone you have to come in once a week. There is life after opiates so if you are ready to start living again give us a call.


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Jennifer Bagby, PA-C, MSPAS
I am an Arizona native and yes, a Cardinal fan! I went to Deer Valley High School, graduated from ASU, suma cum laude, and attended AT Still University for my PA degree. I went into PA school intent on pursuing surgery until I went on my first rotation in mental health. I knew on my first day that this was where I was supposed to be. I have since worked for several years in the crisis setting with with both voluntary and involuntary patients. I have also worked in a detox facility managing alcohol, opiates, methamphetamine and benzodiazepine detoxification. This lead me to managing opiate addiction in a methadone clinic then to Suboxone. I truly care about each person that I see and treat. I know that life is hard and there are always obstacles and I want to help the best way I can.
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Jennifer Bagby

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Thomas Martin

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